Drug Offenses

If you have already been charged with a drug related offense, you already know that you are facing serious consequences.  Drug crimes at any level, misdemeanor or felony, can carry serious consequences for your future.  The indirect consequence of a drug record can affect your ability to obtain future employment and student loans.   The direct consequences of your conviction of a drug offense can include fines, loss of your vehicle, treatment, incarceration and lengthy probation. 

At Margoles & Margoles we have successfully defended clients against the following drug related offenses:


We employ the full range of criminal defense techniques to develop the most effective defense for drug offenses.  Search and Seizure issues must be thoroughly explored and vigorously pursued.  The validity of search warrants used by the authorities in each case must be examined.  The important technical issues relating to the amount, identification and concentration of drugs seized can be complex; we are experienced in procuring experts to challenge the technical reports used by the authorities in charging and prosecution.

As in all serious criminal charges, it is imperative that we have an accurate picture of who you are; we will not just accept the stereotype suggested by the authorities on the basis of what they think you have done in one situation.  If there must be consequences from the charges, then appropriate treatment and sanctions other than jail and/or a criminal record must be sought.  If the consequences are unfair and inappropriate there is the danger of treatment failure and probation violation, renewing the threat of long periods of incarceration.

At Margoles & Margoles we stick with our clients through the entire process following allegations and charging.  Following the arrangement of appropriate bail and release conditions a successful case outcome requires:


It is important that the prosecution knows that your attorney is knowledgeable and is willing to go to trial if necessary.  At Margoles & Margoles we have extensive trial experience and are recognized for our thoroughness, dedication to the interests of our clients, and effective and determined representation in trial.

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