Felony Offenses

In Minnesota a felony charge is punishable by fines and imprisonment from a year to life. Such charges can seriously affect your future employability, ability to obtain student loans, service in the military, voting rights, and possession of a firearm. Permanent loss of your liberty can result from the most serious of these crimes. We have successfully represented the interests of clients in virtually all sorts of felony charges including:

Margoles & Margoles has become well known for vigorous representation in all felony charge areas.  The “Craig’s List Killing” is among the most recent murder cases we have handled.  Some of our other cases in the area of major felony charges have resulted in unique and precedent setting outcomes.

Felony offenses are the most serious of all criminal charges. Prosecutors aggressively pursue prosecution of these crimes.  The defense must be thorough and aggressive.  New factors we have not foreseen may be learned, permitting us to develop more creative defense strategies and rules.  If the nature of the character, mental health, life history, employment, and family commitments of the accused is known in a clear and documentable way the prosecution and Court may be strongly affected in how it considers the case.

The formal steps in the conduct of felony cases can include:

Protect Your Future

If you have been charged with a felony, contact a reputable attorney who works exclusively in criminal defense.  Do not talk with the police without first contacting an attorney; it is your right to consult with an attorney before that takes place. What you say to the police will not positively affect your case, but rather will be used if possible to convict you of a crime. You will not be successful in convincing the police officer that you are a good person; you will only be contributing to your own prosecution and conviction.

Contact: Margoles & Margoles for a free initial consultation and evaluation of the criminal allegations or charges you are facing.


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