Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges
Charges Involving the Possession of Child Pornography


Seek Legal Representation

If you are being accused of or have been charged with a criminal sexual conduct charge you will most likely be facing hostile prosecutors, family upheaval, job loss and harsh public opinion.  Some people believe that persons accused of sex offenses do not even deserve a good defense.  Many people, even some defense attorneys, are only too willing to believe the worst about those accused of such offenses. Of course, despite some public sentiment to the contrary, not all people accused or charged with these crimes are in fact guilty of these crimes. Furthermore, the vast majority of people who actually have committed these crimes are not the “monsters” that they are accused of being. We believe that anyone facing these charges deserves the best possible defense and representation.

Protect Your Rights

If you or a loved one is facing felony criminal sexual conduct charges you probably already know the consequences can be severe.  There can be imprisonment, fines, long-term  probation, and registration.  In charges involving the possession of child pornography, federal charges may follow on the heals of state charges. It is urgently important with these particular types of crimes that you be properly represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney who has extensive felony and misdemeanor defense experience in dealing with them.  These matters are handled differently by the Courts than other criminal matters. Sex offenses even have a separate Sentencing Guidelines grid, separate probation units, and separate prosecution divisions.  A conviction can carry a long prison sentence and life-long predatory offender registration. There have often been convictions leading to jail, prison and registration merely for looking at the wrong pictures on the internet out of curiosity, with no deviant intent involved.

We Work to Protect You

We focus our efforts on protecting the rights of our clients and preserving their freedom.  We have successfully defended many clients accused of sex related crimes.  During the investigation phase of some cases we have successfully intervened, stopping the investigations and preventing the filing of charges. When early intervention is not possible we either go to trial on behalf of our client or seek mitigation, reduced charges and reduced penalties, depending on the facts and wishes of the client. 


It cannot be overemphasized that developmental and psychological data is important in defending out clients against these allegations.  Punitive attitudes toward persons accused of sex related crimes leads the public and often prosecuting officials to take a vilifying attitude toward those accused of these crimes.  The worst is assumed.  However, the law specifically provides that competent evaluations of those accused of offending may be used to produce a balanced picture of the alleged offender, presenting the positive aspects their histories counteracting a purely negative view of the alleged offender. 

Sophisticated contemporary, objectively based evaluation techniques along with thorough personal, developmental histories can be affirmatively used in sentencing to determine amenability to treatment and prevent long prison terms.  Such material can also be used in negotiations to establish the appropriate level of offences and sanctions and to cast a better light on the nature of incident or incidents prompting investigation and charging.

Changes in the Law Affecting Sex Offenses

Legislatures have modified laws relating to sex crimes so that civil rights and criminal procedures have been changed, making sex offence defense very different than criminal defense in other crimes.  Criminal defense methods have had to be developed in new ways so that the basic civil and criminal rights of individuals can still be exercised. We have been leaders in developing alternative defense procedures to protect the civil rights of our clients and assure more just outcomes.
Unfortunately, many times people confess to committing sex crimes such as rape, sexual assault or child abuse, or even possession of child pornography, without first having consulted an attorney. It is urgently important for you, if you have been accused or charged with any sex, drug, or other crime, to immediately consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will explain the process clearly and thoroughly; by doing so you will assure the preservation of your legal rights and insure that you will be able to make the most informed decisions possible concerning matters which might have lifelong consequences for you.    

Let us protect your rights by thoroughly investigating your case, defending you in court, challenging law enforcement’s searches and seizures, making full use of all constitutional and statutory rights, as well as searching for ways to keep your record clean, and keep you free.


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