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We are located in the pleasant St. Paul neighborhood, known as Highland Park, just across the Mississippi River from Minneapolis so we are centrally located and easy to reach. If you are coming from anywhere in the Minneapolis, St. Paul Metropolitan Area or from anywhere in the State of Minnesota, it will not be hard to find us. You will feel at ease in our offices and you will feel respected.

We have been in practice in our present offices for many years and have come to be
respected by our clients and other attorneys and professionals for our work in our areas of special concentration and in the general practice of criminal law. Attorneys throughout the state who do not practice in our areas of special interest frequently refer their clients to us because they know of our unique abilities and our dedication to our clients interests. They know that having an experienced attorney at your side throughout the legal process ensures the best possible outcome for you and your life.

In our initial interviews, which are conducted without charge, we will help you to understand the nature and consequences of the charges you are facing.

Whether a misdemeanor or a major felony has brought you to our office, we begin our work by listening carefully to you. We want to know what you think about what has happened to you, what the circumstances were that brought you to us, and how you have been treated by the authorities.

We know from many years of experience that not all persons accused of a crime are actually guilty of that crime and even that not all persons convicted of a crime are guilty of that crime. Appeals of convictions are an established part of the law and convictions are sometimes overturned. We look at each situation carefully, beginning with the perspective of our client.

Our practice is limited to criminal law in order to concentrate our legal work and maximize our effectiveness. Criminal law has many unique features. We vigorously defend our clients in all stages of their interaction with the Courts and law enforcement.

We examine mitigation factors and provide support for our clients. Mitigating factors are based on an actual understanding of who you are, what your strengths are as a person, and what kinds of stresses an d traumas you have faced. If sanctions are to be imposed we want to make sure they are just and appropriate to the crime and to who you are. In many ways this is a developing area of the law.

We tirelessly review circumstances of each case and new provisions of the law. We will meet with you regularly during the proceeding of your case and keep you informed about all possible consequences so you can be an active participant in all decisions affecting you case.

If it is necessary to go to trial to achieve justice in your case, we have the experience and reputation to vigorously defend you in any Court at any level. We have conducted many high profile and precedent setting trials, we are always prepared to go to jury trial when appropriate to your situation.

We remain involved after Court proceedings are completed to make sure that you continue to be treated and your rights continue to be respected.

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